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Electrical and Plumbing Compliance

  1. Is the FFL given from the PROJECT’S TEAM correct & verified?
  2. Is BUTTON MARK LEVEL on the wall for plastering correct?
  3. Have the BOXES been fixed according to the button mark?
  4. Are all of the FIXED BOXES in one level?
  5. Is the SPACING between adjacent BOXES correct?
  6. Are the required TOOLS for CHIPPING available?
  7. Has the RIGHT ANGLED CHIPPING been ensured at the corner of the chipped area?
  8. Have the CONDUITS been inserted into the box?
  9. Is the PROPER SIZED BOX fixed?
  10. Check for completion of PROPER CURING for all the places where chasing/chipping has been done. Is it filled with CONCRETE/CEMENT MORTAR?
  1. Are the latest GFC drawings for the activity available?
  2. Are all the REQUIRED TOOLS available?
  3. Has the necessary CLEARANCE from CIVIL EXECUTION TEAM been given to start the plumbing work?
  4. Has the CUTOUT been provided as per the approved drawings?
  5. Has the BLOCK WORK PLASTERING & WATERPROOFING been completed?
  6. Has the MARKING of INTERNAL PLUMBING LINES on the walls been done accurately according to the meter marking?
  7. Have the THREADED JOINTS been properly covered with teflon tape?
  8. Has the CONCRETE PACKING been done properly wherever required?
  9. Have the OUTLET LEVELS been levelled properly using spirit level?
  10. Is the height of PLUMBING FIXTURES as per drawings?
  11. Check for PROPER CURING for the concrete that has been packed
  12. As per requirement, is the PROPER SLOPE being maintained for sewage and wastewater lines?
  13. Are the SHAFTS for TOILETS, fixing of CLAMS using ANCHOR BOLTS for holding pipes in position been fixed away from the bore packing area?
  14. Is PROPER SLOPE being maintained for the same as prescribed in the drawings?
  15. Check for the SOIL LINES connection to the inspection chambers at the ground level or at the basement
  16. Check if the WASTE WATER LINES are connected to the gully traps at the ground level or at the basement and then connected to the inspection chambers
  17. Check if all the TRAPS are sealed with a gunny bag & a layer of PLASTER OF PARIS at the top to minimise the choke up problem
  18. Check for the COMPLETION of PROJECT as per the floor plan & elevation